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Do These Problems Look Familiar?

If so, we can help!

Snow build-up inside a plenum or air handling system can be a huge problem – usually requiring its removal with a shovel; worse yet, if the snow gets sucked into the duct runs, now you have a problem with melting snow  behind ceilings and walls.  Even if you have pleated pre-filters behind the louvers, they too can build up with snow causing static pressure to skyrocket, typically resulting in the collapse and replacement of the filters.

How Snow Stopper Screens Work

The type of snow which is most problematic is the fluffy / whispy snow that gets blown across the surface of the snow on the ground or rooftop – this typically occurs when conditions are both very cold and air humidity low –  whispy snow is easily blown into intake openings even when the equipment draft is off – resulting in unwanted snow inside the building envelope; this problem is made worse when the draft is turned on.   Air Solution Company’s Snow screens are a double layered mesh that provides massive collision points for snow and fine particulate to be stopped – the two layer construction is effective and has little impact on air-flow – further, because they are black in color, are non-conductive to cold and are a flexible textile,  snow screens naturally absorb UV from the sun which helps keep them defrosted – they resist icing and snow build-up due to continually moving under flow of air and their total lack of moisture absorbency –   Does all of this mean that snow will never build-up on the screen – No, however, stopping the snow on the outside of the building is far better than stopping it on the inside where it is difficult to remove and where it will cause water damage. If snow builds-up on the snow-screen simply whack the snow screen with the side of a house broom or use a leaf blower to blow the snow off the surface of the snow screen – It’s that simple!

Knowing when there is snow build-up on the screen

Most modern buildings have integrated building control systems capable of identifying the static pressure of each mechanical unit – when the static pressure suggests blockage, then it’s time to inspect the screens.   If the building doesn’t have building control systems in place, then periodic inspection of the screens are necessary when whether conditions are right for fluffy / whispy snow or ice storms.





                                          whispy rooftop snow is easily sucked-up into the hood causing build-up                                                            in the plenum and damaging downstream filters.

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