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What You Should Know About High Energy Magnets – Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any health or safety risks with the use of Neodymium magnets?

There are no known health risks related to exposure to Neodymium magnets.  However, there can be potential problems if a person handling the magnets has a heart pacemaker or other electrical surgical implant or external medical devise.  Consult your doctor before handling the magnets if you have a pacemaker or rely on other electrical medical devices.

Can Magna-Track magnets damage my watch and electronics?

Yes, they can.  The strong magnetic field of Neodymium magnets can magnetize the works inside of a wrist watch and damage magnetic media such as magnetic recording tape, mag stripes on the back of credit cards;  Further, they can damage cell phones, computers and tablets.  When working with magnets, remove your wrist-watch and store it away from he work area and do not place magnets in your pocket or in close proximity to your wallet or electronics.  Note: Once the magnets have been inserted into the connector cavity  and connected to the track and filter, the magnetic field is largely shielded and the magnet should pose little threat to your watch and electronics unless they come in very close contact with the magnets..

What is the benefit of using magnetic fasteners ?

The benefit of using the Magna-Track mounting system is that it reduces the liability associated with using screw fasteners.  Since there is no drilling or use of screws involved, there is no risk of hitting  sensitive internal components  such as condenser coils or electrical wires.

How far apart should the magnets be to hold my filter securely.

Magnets should be placed no further apart than one full length of track. (48″ for Aluminum Track and 54″ with PVC Track) Depending upon the overall size and weight of the filter, more magnets may be required in intervals less than one full length of track.  Refer to plant for questions.

Do I need to worry about outdoor and surface temperatures with Neodymium magnets?

In air intake applications such as rooftop units, chillers, air handling units, louvers, dry coolers and cooling towers) metal surfaces on and around an intake opening rarely reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Maximum operating temperature for the Magna-Track system before they loose magnetization is 178 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius)

Can Neodymium magnets be soldered or welded?

No.  the high, intense temperatures will cause the magnets to demagnetize or catch fire.  

Do I need to glue the magnets into the connector cavity?

NO.  the connectors are designed with a special surface on the inside of the cavity wall – Once the magnet is inserted into the connector cavity it will not come out when the filter and frame are removed from the mounting surface. If you are worried that the magnet will come out – you can apply an industrial epoxy. 

Does using multiple magnets around the perimeter of an opening increase the overall pull force to remove the filter?

No.  Using multiple magnets around the perimeter doesn’t accumulate the pull force – it will still fall within the 17 – 18 lbs of pull force to release the track frame away from the contact point. However, using multiple magnets around the perimeter  distributes the weight across all of the magnets so the weight load is reduced to each magnetic point of connection.

It’s important to keep in mind that the purpose of the  Magna-Track frame is to establish a fastening point for the filter – once the Magna-Track frame has been attached to the unit it isn’t necessary to remove it when removing the filter – To remove the filter, simply unfasten the quick release twist lock fasteners and remove the filter away from the Magna-Track Frame – This is particularly recommended on large filter installations.

What is the pull strength of the Magna-Track?

When pulling the magnet in a direction perpendicular to the attachment surface, each Magna-Track magnet requires approximately 17 – 18 lbs of pull to release it from the surface.  The easiest way to release the magnetically held filter from a surface is to slide it in a direction parallel to the attachment point or, by lifting or pulling the magnetic connectors (like a door) such as to move the  magnets in a right angle direction for release away from the surface. See

Is it Faster install Filter Screens with Magna-Track vs. using Screws?

Absolutely!  In fact, you can cut the installation time in half vs. using screws to mount the fasteners or track.

Can the Magna-Track System be used as a full replacement for screw mounting?

Yes, in many cases it can however, every application and environment should be carefully considered.   Use of screws to mount individual fasteners or to attach the mounting track is the traditional and highly effective way of mounting the filters; using the Magna-Track in combination with screw mounting will help to attach the filter around sensitive components such as electrical box;s or areas having coils up against the back of a mounting point.  On very large filters, use of Magna-Track is an ideal way to significantly reduce the drilling points.

What is the Difference Between the Magna-Track Mounting System and Individual Magnetic Toggle Fasteners seen in the Market?

Individual Toggle Style Fasteners that have an extruded magnet riveted to the bottom of the base of the fastener, adds thickness to the base creating a stand-off which results in there being a gap between the back of the filter screen and the mounting surface – this allows for air and debris overflow which can defeat the filter.   Further, the magnetic pull strength of the individual magnetic fasteners is approximately 11 lbs (4.9895 kg) with a lateral / slide strength of only 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg).   It should be noted that all magnets no matter their pull strength has substantially weaker lateral / slide strength which allow the magnets to slide easily across the attachment surface hence, when filters are drawn inward under the flow of air, the air pressure transfers the stress to the outer perimeter of the filter resulting in individually attached magnetic fasteners to be pulled toward the intake opening – resulting in the filter losing tension.   Note:  Once the fasteners have been moved out of position, they tend to cause the filter to gap around the perimeter making them susceptible to removal and loss due to wind.

In contrast, the Magna-Track system uses powerful Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets with a triple nickel / copper / nickel coating that provides a colossal 17 – 18 lbs (7.71 kg – 8.1647 kg) of pull strength per magnet.   Because the magnets are inserted into connectors which pull mounting track flush up against the mounting surface, there is NO GAP and NO DEBRIS OVERFLOW. Further, when the quick release twist-lock fasteners are slid into the track they traverse along the track and become self-centering to the grommets on the filter, ensuring a perfect alignment hence filters don’t wrinkle. Additionally, because the track connects together to create a frame, the twist lock fasteners are locked into position and cannot be pulled or slide inward toward the intake opening when the filter transfers the air pressure to the perimeter of the filter – Therefore, the filter screens retain tension and remain firmly affixed to the mounting surface. 

Can I cut or drill into the Magna-Track magnet?

No!  We don’t recommend any kind of machining to the finished magnet.  Neodymium magnets are very hard and brittle, making them vulnerable to fracture and breakage;  Further, drilling through the nickel / copper / Nickel plating will cause the iron to oxidize and rust quickly.  Once the magnets have been inserted into the connectors, they are protected from impact and damage.

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