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Energy Savings Calculator

Are You Serious About Reducing Your Energy Cost and Increasing Operational Efficiency?

If You Are, Then It’s Important To Do The Things That Are Easy And Will Give You The “Biggest Bang For Your Buck” while providing a rapid return on your investment. Installing Cottonwood Filter Screens Is One Of Those Things – They Will Keep Your Equipment Clean And Running Efficiently So You Can Get Every Ounce Of Energy Savings From It.

That’s Easier Said than Done.

If your Facility is operating with a “Lean” Budget & Maintenance Staff, It Can Be Difficult and Sometimes Impossible to Capture All of The Energy Savings Because You Simply Don’t Have the Money or Hands Available to keep up with the maintenance that needs to be done.

If This Is Your Situation, Then Using Cottonwood Filter Screens Will Definitely Help You while Providing a Rapid Return on Your Investment. You’ll Be Amazed How Cottonwood Filter Screens Will Reduce Your Maintenance Time & Effort!

Important Points to Think About:

    1. Every Day That Your Chiller / Condenser Unit Operates it takes on debris load and Runs at an Increasing Level of Inefficiency. That means that Each Day Following a Coil Cleaning, Your Chiller / Condenser unit is Costing You More Energy Dollars than the Day before until the Next Coil Cleaning!
    1. High Efficiency Equipment is only as efficient as the Coils are Clean. Replacing Old Equipment with New High Efficiency Equipment doesn’t guarantee that you’ll reap the Efficiency & Energy Saving Benefit. “Micro Channel Coils” typically used in high efficiency condenser systems Increase the Coil Fin Density so as to increase the heat rejection surface area; this reduces the air space between each fin, making them prone to Rapid Fouling – keeping them clean is an imperative in order to realize the efficiency and energy saving benefit.
    1. “Going Green” without “breaking the bank” typically requires stepping-up maintenance practices on existing equipment and replacing old equipment only when it can no longer provide the efficiency needed even under the best of maintenance practices.

Energy Saving Calculator

The Following Energy Cost Calculator is designed to Show General Savings at Various Energy Rates as Applied to Various Tonnage Ratings. Due to many variables affecting energy costs from region to region, the information from this chart should only be used to get a directional sense of benefit from operating a clean vs. dirty condenser coil.

Basis of Metrics Behind This Calculator

The results shown on this calculator are based on 9 months of operation and peak running periods of 16 hrs. per day. If your equipment is used for process cooling, the results shown will be conservative and you should expect to see more KWH of operation and greater savings than shown. PLEASE NOTE: Cottonwood Filter Screens Typically pay for themselves within the first 1.5 yrs. of service – that means that if you purchase a 10 year service life filter you will enjoy 8.5 yrs. of savings on your investment initial investment.

Enter the Number of Units Here Be sure to count only those of the same tonnage ratings – don’t combine units of different tonnage Enter Your Energy Rate per kwh
Chiller / Condenser Tonnage Rating Moderately Dirty Condenser Coils Clean Condenser Coils Energy Savings (Dirty vs. Clean Coils)
KWH Per Season Per Unit Energy Cost KWH Per Season Per Unit Energy Cost CLEAN COIL Energy Savings ENERGY SAVINGS %
3 5,700 $1,368 4,100 $984 $384 28%
5 8,100 $1,944 5,500 $1,320 $624 32%
7.5 11,200 $2,688 7,400 $1,776 $912 34%
10 16,800 $4,032 12,300 $2,952 $1,080 27%
15 24,400 $5,856 16,000 $3,840 $2,016 34%
20 32,400 $7,776 20,800 $4,992 $2,784 36%
25 40,800 $9,792 27,000 $6,480 $3,312 34%
30 48,900 $11,736 30,000 $7,200 $4,536 39%
40 66,400 $15,936 41,500 $9,960 $5,976 38%
50 82,300 $19,752 52,100 $12,504 $7,248 37%
60 – 75 98,600 $23,664 63,000 $15,120 $8,544 36%
As you can see, the energy savings can be pretty huge and doesn't include the labor savings from cleaning condenser coils.

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