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Customer Testimonials

“I can’t recommend using the screens enough, they have transformed the maintenance we do on our air handling units – we used to power wash the washable pre-filters at least once a week due to high debris – otherwise they would clog and restrict air-flow,  now we clean them less than once a month by using the cottonwood  filter screens. We do have to the vacuum the Cottonwood Filter Screens but this is considerably less arduous than  cleaning / changing the pre-filters – One other thing that we’ve seen this year is a drastic reduction in the replacement of the internal pleated micron filters. The next step would be to remove the pre-filters entirety and just use the cottonwood filter screens; I am confident this would work even better. Overall, a resounding success. Myself, and my engineers who carry out the maintenance, are very thankful of your product”.
Thomas M.

Digital Realty

“I thought I would let you know that the tower screens we installed at Whole Foods are working great and went up without a hitch.
Thanks for your help, I have offered this product to some more of my customers as well”.

J Goodrich

Hydro Management

“Cox Cable was having my long-time mechanical contractor service each of their many Bard units 3 times per year to clean out the cottonwood etc.   So far, so good. No excessive pressure drop.

Cox engineers took me inside the building and it is 20 rows of computers humming away.
Think about all the cellular, TV and communications buildings out there with Bard units….

Happy customer!

Ray R

Account Manager

“Since installing the retractable Pulley Mount Filter System on our field erected cooling tower, I thought you’d be interested in knowing of the significant decrease in microbiological activity – On June 3rd, the microbial plate count for the tower water was 27,300 colonies –  however, after the filter screens were installed in early July, we conducted another plate count and the microbial colonies dropped to four (4) – Then on July 29th, we conducted another microbial plate analysis and the microbial activity was reduced to zero thus supporting our hypothesis that the reduction in bio-load would increase the efficacy of our chemical water treatment program.     Thank you for a great product”.

Facilities Engineering, International Paper Company

 “Well, this is really hard to believe”…My steel mill customer asked me to come out to look at the screens – I was waiting for him to tell me that the screens that were installed back in 2007 had fallen apart, but to my surprise the rest of the story went like this:  “I can’t believe these screens, they were coated and had steel mill pollution all over them – but we brushed them and then hit them with a water spray and they were easily cleaned and they still look almost brand new”  then they took the screens off to clean the  coils and there was very little dirt that came off the coil…he was amazed…Four years of abuse in a very toxic environment and they still  look really good” Thanks
Jeff W.

Account Mgr, Aero Filter

“Thanks for reaching out. We bought 4 sets of filters from you guys back in 2018 and it was the best decision we ever made. They are easy to clean and has saved us time and money. If we ever have a need for more I will definitely let you know. Thanks
Rob B

Rocheleau Production

“Thanks for reaching out. We bought 4 sets of filters from you guys back in 2018 and it was the best decision we ever made. They are easy to clean and has saved us time and money. If we ever have a need for more I will definitely let you know. Thanks
Rob B

Rocheleau Production

 “Adding the Weather Guards has allowed this specific chiller to run down to -20F, this winter, without the compressor stalling.  Without the screens, last winter, the unit tripped below +10F several times a day.  Really a good and cost effective solution”. Thank You.
Chuck B

Ntl. Account Manager, Trane Corp.

“We installed Snow Stopper Screens and track mount kit for our client. They were pleased with the install and product. I will keep you in mind for future orders
Kevin P

VM Systems

 “The tower screens are doing very well, it has dramatically cut down the hours for cleaning and has reduced our water treatment cost; thank you for your kick ass product.  So I attached yet again some more screen measurements for you to produce – these are ALL condenser coils.  I need them manufactured with the exact same material and fasteners as the last order for the Trane condensers.  By the way those worked perfectly as well, they are on and “purrin” at this vary moment.  So like I was mentioning, please quote these, just like the last job, material, fasteners, grade material… etc..”

Data Center Engineering

“Just an FYI on these we did not have them installed on our cooling tower for Hurricane Frances but we did have them in place for Hurricane Jeanne……………and no damage to them at all…………….no leaves entered my towers because of these screens!!  The wind was sustained here at this facility over 90mph with gusts above that……………….no damage at all to the screens!!  No Damage to the Fill – Excellent Product!!”
Dino G

Palm Beach Gardens Med Ctr.

“Screens became almost completely clean in 5-8 minutes of brushing the screen on my chiller with my Dyson handheld battery operated vacuum.   Fantastic Product and a monsterous time saver”.
Cesar P


“We use your best quality screens. I attached them directly to our unit with my own stainless screws/washers.  Saves me a ton of time and energy – Wonderful product! Cheers

Maken Funeral Home

We are a Manufacturer of Externally mounted Air Intake Filters Screens which are commonly called Air Inlet Screens, Intake Filters, Equipment Protection Screens and Bug Screens.   Our products are available through Distributors / Mfgr. Reps., Re-sellers and OEM's - We also work with Engineering Firms to assist in providing customer solutions and in providing specifications for Bid and Spec Projects. Air Solution Company proudly serves its customers throughout North America, The UK and EU Countries.

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