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“Go Green” Sustainability

Air Intake Filters Stop Airborne Debris on the Outside of Your Equipment Before It can Become A Problem!

1. Specifically designed and engineered for use in low to high volume / high velocity mechanical systems.
2. Filters are nearly invisible to the air-flow. (less than 1/10” impact on static pressure at 600 fpm air velocity)
3. Compatible with All Mechanical Equipment Brands.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable!

  • Reduces Maintenance Time & Cost by up to 75%
  • Reduce Energy Cost.
  • Reduce Water Use. (required for cleaning & cooling tower operation)
  • Reduce Cleaning Chemical Use and Related Occupant & Worker Exposure.
  • Reduce Chemical Run-off During Cleaning.
  • Reduce Water Treatment Chemicals Use In Cooling Towers.
  • Reduce Chemicals Going Into the Sewer System.
  • Reduce Internal Air Filter Changes and Waste Going to the Land-fill.
  • Reduce Cleaning to a few Swipes of a Broom, Brush, Shop Vacuum or Garden Hose – Even the Rain will Rinse Them Clean. (Eliminates Need for water consuming pressure washers)
  • Keep Birds and other Pests Out of Air Intake Openings.

LEED Points May Be Awarded In Multiple Categories

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Going Green and Staying Green
With increasing emphasis on reducing our “carbon footprint”, business leaders, architects, engineers and commercial building owners are seeking ways to drive and support business growth by developing sustainable facilities that incorporate environmentally friendly technologies and maintenance practices that deliver measurable energy saving results. However, as is too often the case, the desire to go green doesn’t always square-up with the financial realities of getting there quickly; hence an incremental approach is usually the best way of integrating sustainable technologies and best practices. Integrating Air Intake Filters into your preventative maintenance program is a great way to make measurable improvements in the operational efficiency of your equipment while significantly streamlining the maintenance process. HVAC Maintenance is Vital to the Environmental and Operational Health of all Facilities. Simply said, businesses undergoing new construction and / or with existing buildings have a responsibility to take an incremental approach to achieving optimal sustainability because trying to “eat the elephant” all at the same time can have an impact on the financial health of the business.

Where Should a Company Begin?
  • First and most important, it requires a commitment by top management in the form of establishing a “Green Vision” for the company – a vision that everyone can rally around and participate in.
  • Second, every department in the organization must participate by identifying processes and technologies (both large and small) that may effectively contribute to the vision.
  • Finally, supporting those ideas that are manageable & measurable and that move the company toward realizing the “Green Vision”.
As most facility managers & engineers know, one of the key areas that can significantly contribute to the Green Vision is in HVAC operations. Installing high efficiency equipment, deploying technologies and maintenance practices that help keep equipment clean and using building control systems are just some of the ways to realize big energy savings, while optimizing indoor comfort and process cooling efficiency.

Mechanical System Maintenance is Vital to the Environmental & Operational Health of all Facilities
For those seeking LEED green building certification for new or existing buildings (LEED-NC or LEED- EB), it is important when evaluating HVAC equipment (old or new) that the maintenance requirements also be examined; if maintaining the equipment is time consuming, unpleasant or difficult, then maintenance of that equipment is more likely to be delayed or not performed; this results in the equipment becoming increasingly inefficient, running longer to achieve set temperature points, consuming more energy and costing more to operate.

Three Very Important Points To Remember:
  1. LEED certification is not just about meeting initial building performance standards – it’s about sustaining optimal building efficiencies and performance.
  2. Clean HVAC equipment will run efficiently and dirty equipment won’t (high efficiency equipment is highly efficient only when clean).
  3. Integration of maintenance friendly technologies and processes is crucial to facilitating effective maintenance.
Deploying Technologies That Have Real Impact
When designing new building systems or looking for ways to upgrade existing ones, it is important to identify technologies that can provide broad impact in achieving building performance goals. Air Intake Filter technology (Cottonwood Filter Screens) is just such a technology as it will provide broad and measurable impact in mechanical operations. Unlike window and bug screen, shade screen and other commercially available mesh and filter products that can harm equipment by restricting air flow, Air Intake Filter Screens are specifically designed and engineered for use on low to high volume / high velocity air movement systems. Furthermore, they are nearly invisible to the airflow with extraordinary low impact on static pressure (less than 1/10” w.g. @ 600 fpm) and they are easy to clean.

Whether You Are Working On
LEED (EB) or LEED (NC) Certification or,
Simply Want to “Green-Up” Your Operation,
Air Intake Filters Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

We are a Manufacturer of Externally mounted Air Intake Filters Screens which are commonly called Air Inlet Screens, Intake Filters, Equipment Protection Screens and Bug Screens.   Our products are available through Distributors / Mfgr. Reps., Re-sellers and OEM's - We also work with Engineering Firms to assist in providing customer solutions and in providing specifications for Bid and Spec Projects. Air Solution Company proudly serves its customers throughout North America, The UK and EU Countries.

Air Intake Filters are Manufactured by The Newway Company dba/ Air Solution Company, West Chester, OH 45071
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