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Improves Environmental Air Quality and Process Cooling Efficiency

Today more than ever before, mechanical, maintenance and process engineers are being challenged to provide effective solutions that help to optimize environmental air quality and process cooling efficiency, while reducing downtime and maintenance cost.

Regardless of the technology used to process incoming fresh air, the challenge has always been keeping cooling towers and other HVAC systems clean because as fresh air is drawn from the outside into the system, it brings along with it a wide range of airborne debris that can impact air quality and clog the system, ultimately leading to downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

In facilities that rely upon process cooling for robotic assembly, injection molding or other production applications, downtime due to system fouling is particularly costly because of lost productivity.

Seasonal Problems
Air intake problems are usually seasonal in nature and the times of the year that represent the greatest maintenance challenges are Spring, Summer and Fall. Depending upon the season and region of the country, different environmental factors come into play. In the Spring, nesting birds are frequently problematic (especially in cooling towers). In areas where cottonwood trees exist, you can count on cottonwood seed being a problem during the summer. In tropical and moist regions, insects are frequently problematic during Spring and Summer and in rural and farming regions, leaves, pollen and crop harvest debris can be problematic during the Summer and Fall.

Maintaining good air and water ecology are important elements in managing healthy and efficient HVAC systems. However, until recently, most businesses and institutions could do little to improve the quality of the air before it entered their systems, hence entry of airborne debris places greater demand on the maintenance process.

Air Intake Filtration Solves The Problem
Unlike traditional internal filter banks used in air handling units, air intake filters are installed on the system at the point where fresh air enters into the system thus filtering out debris before it can become a problem. Air intake filters can also be installed on cooling towers, air-cooled chillers and condenser units or any fresh air intake opening.

Air intake filtration is specifically designed to stop cottonwood, pollen, leaves, insects, birds, paper, construction debris and other airborne matter from being drawn into air intake openings.

The Benefits of Air Intake Filtration On Your Systems

Air Handling Units – air intake filters help to optimize environmental air quality and reduce filter changes by extending the life of internal filters by up to 60%

Cooling Towers – air intake filters help prevent fill material from getting clogged, helps prevent sludge build-up in water basins and helps optimize water chemical treatments while reducing chemical consumption. Additionally, by diffusing entry of sunlight into the tower and stopping entry of organic debris (a nutrient source for bacteria), air intake filters help to thwart the growth of algae and fight proliferation of bacteria, including Legionella, the cause of Legionnaire’s Disease. Unlike water and sand filter systems that only filter debris from the cooling water, air intake filters helps keep debris out of the system in the first place and protects expensive fill material and cooling water so the system operates efficiently.

Chillers and Condenser Units – air intake filters keep coils free of debris for optimal cooling efficiency and eliminates downtime due to fouling. Also eliminates the need for coil cleaning solvents and power washing that can damage oils and fins.

If you are faced with costly air intake and related maintenance problems, air intake filtration may be just the answer you’re looking for.

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