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Pulley Mount Cottonwood Filter Screen System

Protecting and Maintaining Your Cooling Tower
Simply Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This!

All Video Is Shown In “Real-Time”

First Video:
The first clip shows the Pulley Mount Filter contained neatly along the bottom of the intake opening inside of the Heavy Duty, Fiber Reinforced Vinyl Cover. The cover is attached directly to the cooling tower which enables the filter to be lowered and fan-folded into the cover. Cover is secured around the filter using strap & buckle closures.

Second Video:
At the beginning of each season, the filter is quickly and easily released from the vinyl cover and raised into position by simply pulling on the rope on each side. The filter is easily raised by one or two people with little or no need for climbing on ladders or using man lifts. When filters are raised into position, it stops airborne debris from getting into your cooling tower – thus protecting the entire loop from fouling. Protects Fill, Sump, Strainers and Heat Exchangers. Plus, use of the screens increases the operational efficiency of the tower by increasing laminar airflow across the entire surface of the fill – this helps increase the Delta-T which lowers the water temperature at the sump and at the chiller – Lower water temperatures lowers your energy cost. Cleaning is also quick and easy, simply use a garden hose and spray it off – it’s that simple – Filters never need to be removed for cleaning.

Protecting Your Cooling Tower Simply Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This!!

Third and Fourth Videos:
At the end of the season, filters are quickly lowered by one or two people.