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Magna-Track™ Magnetic Mounting System
This Video shows an unrehearsed and unscripted installation of Magna-Track cottonwood filter screens – installed without drills or screws in under six minutes WOW!!.

   Although Magna-Track may be used as a stand-alone mounting system, it is also ideal for use with screw mounting systems where use of screws around a sensitive component may be necessary (eg., electrical box, areas where coil is close behind fastening point, etc.,).  This video shows how the Magna-Track can be used to attach a section of Cottonwood Filter Screens to the side of an electrical junction box.   Notice how the filters with the “Rip Stop” feature can be cut with scissors without concern for the mesh fraying or running.



Product Line


Flame Resistance:  Filter Screens Do Not Hold or Propogate a Flame!
The special coating formulation used in of our Filter Screens make them inherently safe and flame resistant.
Click on the videos below to see for yourself.

Track Mount Filter Kit Installation and Maintenance
The Track Mount video below shows the simplicity of installing the track and filter while both videos show
the ease of cleaning the filters without removal from the equipment. Use of Cottonwood Filter Screens is a
maintenance “game changer” when maintaining RTU’s, Air Handlers, Dry Coolers,  Cooling Towers and more.
 Click on the videos below.