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Track Mount System – Available in Aluminum or PVC


PVC Track with Twist Lock Fasteners
Strong and Durable PVC Track with Quick Release Twist Lock Fasteners are ideal for applications where the filter is back supported under the flow of air eg., rooftop units, chillers, louvers and more.

Alum. Track with Spin Knob Fasteners
Heavy Duty Anodized Aluminum Track is ideal for heavy industrial applications and where the back of the filter is unsupported under the flow of the air eg., cooling towers, air intake hoods, etc.. – Compatible with both Quick Release Twist Lock Fasteners and Spin Knob Fasteners with stainless steel slide bolt.

Track Connectors Gives You Unparalleled Flexibility

T Connector
Durable “T” Connectors compatible with both the Aluminum and PVC Track, lets you connect the track end to end or at a 90 degree angle for extending the length and for creating mid-supports.
Corner with Track
Corner Connectors compatible with both Aluminum and PVC let you connect track to form a square or rectangular rigid frame. This lets you assemble the track before mounting it to your equipment.

This picture shows a fully assembled frame with a mid-support track. Using a rigid frame configuration gives you unrivaled flexibility to mount your Cottonwood Filter Screen and/or Hail Master plus, you can configure it to any size and use it in an air handling unit filter rack.

Mounting Track on Rooftop Unit Condenser Coils

PVC Track Shown Mounted to a Rooftop Unit for mounting Hail Master Mesh and Cottonwood Filter Screen
PVC Track Mounted Hail Master Mesh with Custom Cottonwood Filter Screen

Track Mount System on Cooling Towers




Track Mount System on Louvers


Why the Track Mount System Makes Sense

  • Reduces Filter Installation time by up to 60%.
  • Enables a taught, wrinkle free fit every time.
  • Enables adjustment of filters for tightness from year to year as needed.
  • Eliminates tolerance variation from filter to filter of a common size enabling use of common size filters over common size openings.
  • Quick Release Fasteners enable quick start-up and removal each season. Includes anodized aluminum track, stainless steel track mount screws and Quick Release Twist Lock or, Spin Knob Fasteners.

Multiple Unit Application:
Many facilities have Multiple equipment of the same make and model requiring the same size Filter Screens or Weather Guards for each, With traditional fixed location fasteners, the Filter Screens and / or Weather Guards must be installed over the same intake opening when removed – it may not fit over a different opening where another filter of the same size was installed because of tolerance variation in the location of the grommets on the filter. Because grommet location from filter to filter can vary + or – 1/8” the filters must go over its originally installed location to ensure a perfect fit.

HOWEVER, When using, the track mount system, common size filters can mount over any common size opening because the sliding action of the fasteners along the track allow the fasteners to align perfectly with the exact location of any outer perimeter grommet to ensure a perfect, wrinkle free fit.

Why is this important? Very simply, when using many filters of the same size, it allows you to reinstall the filters without the time consuming hassle of matching up filters to their originally installed location. Additionally, when the filters are used over time, their exposure to the outdoor elements can cause some shrinking and expansion depending upon the time of year; with the track mount system, you can adjust your Filter Screens and / or Weather Guards for tightness as needed.