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Specification Templates

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Air Intake Filter Specification Templates

Below are a variety of Specification Templates that will help you to capture the exact measurements we need in order to provide you with an accurate quotation. To obtain pricing, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select a template that most closely resembles your system.

  2. Print the template on your computer printer.

  3. Provide all of the information and measurements indicated on the template and fax it back to the number appearing at the top of the template. You will receive your quote within a couple of days.

Important Notice:

Specification Templates are The Property of Air Solution Company And The Newway Company. They are intended for use in capturing equipment specifications that will be provided exclusively to Air Solution Company or The Newway Company for purposes of price quotation. Any other use of these templates is strictly prohibited without written approval from Air Solution Company or The Newway Company.

Cooling Tower Specification Templates

Air Cooled Chillers, Condenser Units, and Dry Coolers

Rooftop Units, Air Handlers, Louvers, Intake Hoods, etc.