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Slide Mount Air Intake Filter

The new slide mount filter system mounts quickly & easily to cooling towers, chillers, louvers and other HVAC equipment.

Mounts to your equipment by mounting cable above and below the intake opening; Filters attach to the cable top and bottom using spring hooks. Filter is secured vertically using self-tapping stud adapters that hold filter in position.

During the off-season, filter folds-up and is protected using a vinyl storage cover and is ready to go in the spring.

Easy Filter Mounting Method
  1. Attach eye-bolts in upper left and right and lower left and right corners.
  2. Attach cable to the eye-bolts
  3. Fasten filter to the cable using snap hooks
  4. Fasten cable support hooks as needed to support cable
  5. Secure vertical edges by attaching self-tapping stud adapters.

Note: Roller Hooks and Track also available for higher air intake openings.

Vinyl Storage Covers mount to the flange and
protects filter during the storage season

Filter quickly sets-up for the season by simply
opening the protective cover and pulling
the filter across the intake opening

Filters can be produced to cover single or
multiple cells.