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Mounting Your Filters


Quick Release / Fixed Mounted Fasteners

Standard Duty Toggle Fasteners
Patented Filter Application

Commercial Duty Twist
Lock Fasteners (1/4 Turn Studs)

Patented Filter Application

Industrial Duty Stud Adapter Fasteners
Patented Filter Application

Self-tapping Screws with
Bonded Washer Fasteners

Nylon Zip Ties



Roller Track Mounting System

The Roller Track System Is Designed To Enable Easy Opening and Closing as You Move the Filter From Side To Side.
The Mounting System Includes Heavy Duty Galvanized Track and Mounting Brackets, and Durable Roller Hooks
made of Stainless Steel with Nylon Rollers and End Caps to Contain the Hooks onto the Track.

Roller Track Mounting enables filter screens to be pulled to one side like a curtain.


Filter shown pulled to one side.

Roller Track Components


Pulley Mount System
Video shows just how easy it is to use.

Available With Bundle Straps

Bottom Cable Track Bracket &
Eye-bolt Assembly

Top Cable Track Bracket &
Eye bolt Assembly with Pulley

Bundle Straps used for off
season storage.

 Available With Vinyl Covers

Filter wrapped in Heavy Duty Fiber Reinforced Vinyl Cover with Buckle Strap Closure.

filter fan folded inside cover.

shows bottom cable guide bracket
with eye-bolt assembly.

Pulley Mount Filter Components

Patented Filter System

Multiple Pulley-Mount Air Intake

This photo shows galvanized
storage unit with hinged cover and
turn lock handles – this box protects
the filter during storage periods.
Also available with cost saving
bundle straps or a vinyl cover.

Bracket supporting one end of the
storage box

Photo shows top mounting bracket
with guide cable and pulley

Filter attaches to guide cable with
snap hooks – Note conduit
sandwiched into the filter – there is
conduit at both top and bottom edge
of the filter to provide rigidity

Rope cleat secures the filter in the
up position. To lower the filter simply
undo the rope from the rope cleat
and lower the filter (filter raises and
lowers like a flag)