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Assembling Magna-Track™ Magnetic Mounting Filters

Once the magnets have been inserted into the connectors, you are now ready to cut the track to length and assemble the frame – Simply insert the arms of the connectors into the cut length of track so the magnets face the back – be sure to insert the twist lock fasteners into the track before attaching the connectors to both ends of the track – the number of twist lock fasteners along each side of the assembled Magna-Track Frame should correspond with the number of grommets on each side of the filter.   Once assembled, simply attache the Cottonwood Filter Screen and apply the Magna-Track Filter over the intake opening. Use as Magnetic Coil Filters, Magnetic Louver Filters, Magnetic Hood Filters, Magnetic Dry Cooler Filters and much More.

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Track and Connector Components
To Assemble – Insert arms of Connectors into end of track
This Frame is Ready to Accept Cottonwood Filter Screens and Magnetically Attach to an Intake Opening.
Fully Assembled Track Frame – Ready To Receive Cottonwood Filter Screen
 Attach Filter to Magna-Track Frame and Magnetically attach over intake opening


Magna-Track™connectors should be placed no more than one track length apart (48″ apart with Aluminum Track and 54″ apart with PVC Track)  – NOTE:  Use of the “T” Connectors enable assembly of track from end to end to create a linear run of track or, as in a “T” configuration to provide a mid-support.

Attaching Magna-Track™ to Non-Metallic Surfaces.

When attaching to non-metallic surfaces such as aluminum, plastic, fiberglass or other composite material used in making OEM hail guards and louvers., 1.75″ x 1.75″ , 18 ga. galvanized Magna-Plates are available for adhesion or screw attachment to create a magnetic attachment point.   If adhesion is preferred, we recommend 3M  VHB two-sided industrial adhesive tape part#5962 or equivalent.  3M rates this tape as a high bond replacement to welding, rivets and screws – Available at hardware or building supply stores (eg., Fastenal)  –  Adhesive tape must be used on clean, flat and  non-textured surfaces.