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Assembling the Magna-Track™ Cottonwood Filter Screen

Once the magnets have been inserted into the connectors, you are now ready to cut the track to length and assemble the frame – Simply insert the arms of the connectors into the cut length of track so the magnets face the back – be sure to insert the twist lock fasteners into the track before attaching the connectors to both ends of the track – the number of twist lock fasteners along each side of the assembled Magna-Track Frame should correspond with the number of grommets on each side of the filter.   Once assembled, simply attache the Cottonwood Filter Screen and apply the Magna-Track Filter over the intake opening.  

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Track and Connector Components
To Assemble – Insert arms of Connectors into end of track
This Frame is Ready to Accept Cottonwood Filter Screens and Magnetically Attach to an Intake Opening.
Fully Assembled Track Frame – Ready To Receive Cottonwood Filter Screen
 Attach Filter to Magna-Track Frame and Magnetically attach over intake opening


Magna-Track™connectors should be placed no more than one track length apart (48″ apart with Aluminum Track and 54″ apart with PVC Track)  – NOTE:  Use of the “T” Connectors enable assembly of track from end to end to create a linear run of track or, as in a “T” configuration to provide a mid-support.

Attaching Magna-Track™ to Non-Metallic Surfaces.

When attaching to non-metallic surfaces such as aluminum, plastic, fiberglass or other composite material used in making OEM hail guards and louvers., 1.75″ x 1.75″ , 18 ga. galvanized Magna-Plates are available for adhesion or screw attachment to create a magnetic attachment point.   If adhesion is preferred, we recommend 3M  VHB two-sided industrial adhesive tape part#5962 or equivalent.  3M rates this tape as a high bond replacement to welding, rivets and screws – Available at hardware or building supply stores (eg., Fastenal)  –  Adhesive tape must be used on clean, flat and  non-textured surfaces.

Watch an Actual Magna-Track™ Filter Installation
NOTE:  This is an unscripted and unrehearsed installation by two technicians installing cottonwood filter screens for the first time  
installation time is approximately 5 minutes


Using Magna-Track to Mount Sections of Filter Screens to Sensitive Areas

The following video shows how cottonwood filter screens that were mounted using the PVC Track system using traditional screw mounting came to a place were screws could not be used – The problem was solved using a length of Magna-Track to attach a section of the filter to the side of an electrical junction box.  Note: The video also shows how cutting the Medium Duty Cottonwood Filter Screen with the “Rip-Stop” feature will not run or fray when cut.