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Don’t Let Hail
Damage Your Condenser Coils

If you experience hail in your region from time to time, then your condenser coils could be at risk. Whether your
equipment supports a computer room, production process or simply cools a room or building, consider
the unplanned cost associated with down time, lost productivity, coil repair or replacement;

The Cost Could Be Staggering and Derail Your Maintenance Budget!

RTU without hail guard protection

Air Solution Company
Hail Guard Netting / Coil Filter System

Protects coils from hail and airborne debris that can damage and foul condenser coils

hail guard netting on RTU
RTU with Hail Guard Frame & Filter Screen
hail guard netting on cooling tower
RTU with Hail Guard Frame and Filter Sreen
Installed Hail Guard Protection
Hail Guard Netting saves costly repairs

Unlike Traditional Expanded Steel or Plastic Louvers or Lattice Coil Guards That Can Reduce Airflow and
Only Protect against Hail and Flying Objects, The Hail Guard Filter System Enables Optimal Airflow for
Efficient Heat Rejection while Providing Complete Condenser Coil Protection from Hail and
Airborne Matter That Will Clog Your Coils.

Hail Guard Netting

The Hail Guard Netting / Filter System consists of an integrated galvanized framing system
and a heavy duty fiber reinforced filter screen that is designed for high strength and
durability and specifically engineered for high volume, high velocity mechanical equipment .
Filter Screens are available with or without the galvanized hail guard feature and can be
used separately on all air cooled chillers, condenser units, air handling units, louvers and
cooling towers for airborne debris management.