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ECEX Air Intake Screens – Reduce energy and maintenance costs

Protect chiller coils. Extend air filter life. Maximize cooling tower efficiency. Air Intake Screens from ECEX – sales@ecex.co.uk

By Daniel Betts

Air Intake Screens can extend your equipment and filter life. It’s that simple.

Designed to fit to the external air intakes on AHUs (air handling units), chillers, condensers and cooling towers, Air Intake Screens are manufactured using highly engineered filter mesh that prevents airborne debris from entering your intake system.

With a factory warranty of between 5 and 15 years, depending on the grade you choose, these long-lasting filter screens will deliver a serviceable life span of much more. Cleaned easily using a soft brush, hose or vacuum, Air Intake Screens extend the life of consumable internal filters and prevent coils from becoming clogged; all whilst maintaining excellent airflow.

Suitable for preventing leaves, pollen, insects, cottonwood seed and many other airborne particulates, all of our Air Intake Screens are made-to-measure so they’ll fit perfectly to your equipment, and they are available in a variety of filter grades to help you solve your specific air intake problems, whatever the application.

As the first company in the UK to supply Air Intake Screens, ECEX has the knowledge and expertise to help you save money on the running of your HVAC system.

Key benefits:
  • Prevent inefficiencies caused by clogging
  • Reduce the risk of unit breakdown
  • Significantly reduce on site maintenance time
To find out more:
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ECEX is the exclusive Distributor Partner in the UK for Air Solution Company

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