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Docklands Chiller Protection


To install a filtration solution to prevent airborne debris from clogging the chiller coils without negatively impacting upon airflow.

We were asked to attend site and carry out a survey of the existing Airedale chiller plant. Surrounded by trees and greenery, a range of issues are caused on site by pollen, leaves and associated airborne debris.

Airborne debris restricts airflow by clogging filters and chiller coils, causing plant to work at a greater duty. In order to achieve requisite airflow, energy consumption is increased.

Coils must be regularly cleaned due to high volumes of airborne debris and valuable maintenance time is consumed.

Restricted airflow creates increased strain upon plant. This, combined with rigorous cleaning regimes means that plant life is reduced.

Work carried out:

We recommended the installation of air intake screens. Designed to fix over chillers, air intake screens have minimal impact upon airflow whilst offering excellent filtration qualities.

  • Service life of up to 15 years
  • Minimal impact upon airflow
  • Thumb-turn toggles for quick-release
  • Easy to clean using soft broom, hose or vacuum
  • Flame resistant (self-extinguishing)
  • Highly resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Made-to-measure and compatible with all equipment, makes and models







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