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Cleaning Cottonwood Filters

Cottonwood Filter Screens Will Change the Way You Clean your
Air Handling Units, Condenser Coils and Cooling Towers by
Eliminating / Reducing The Use of Cleaning Chemicals and Reducing
Maintenance Time to a Fraction of That Required of Traditional Methods.

Engineered to provide a Balance between Filtration Performance and Airflow,
Cottonwood Filter Screens Stop Airborne Debris on the Outside of your
Equipment Where It Is Easy To See And Clean. A special “Non-Stick”
Surface Combined with Bonded Fibers Prevent Adhesion of Debris so
Cleaning Your Equipment Simply Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This!!

So easy you can remove
debris with your hand.

Broom or Brush

Shop Vacuum

Blower Vacuum

Garden Hose

Even the rain will
clean the filter