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Air Intake Screen Installation Major University in the South of England

Air Intake Screen Installation: Major University in the South of England

Posted by Dan Betts: ECEX on 9/7/2013


How Installing Air Intake Screens to prevent airborne debris from entering air intake systems increases operational efficiency and reduces labor and energy cost.

We were asked to carry out a full survey of the existing AHU and chiller plant. Surrounded by trees and greenery, a range of issues such as pollen, leaves and associated airborne debris were the cause of equipment fouling.

Airborne debris restricts airflow by clogging filters and chiller coils, causing equipment to work at a greater duty. In order to achieve requisite airflow – hence, energy consumption is increased.

This site has few maintenance engineers with limited time. Maintenance is labor intensive as Coils must be regularly cleaned and filters changed due to high airborne particulate – Valuable maintenance time is consumed.

When equipment becomes fouled, restricted airflow increases fan motor torque, and head pressure on compressors – This combined with rigorous cleaning regimes means that plant life is reduced.

Work carried out:

We recommended the installation of air intake screens. Designed to fix over external intakes on AHUs, chillers, condenser units and cooling towers, air intake screens have minimal impact upon airflow whilst offering excellent filtration qualities.

  • Service life of up to 15 years.
  • Minimal impact upon airflow.
  • Thumb-turn toggles for quick-release.
  • Easy to clean using soft broom, hose or vacuum
  • Flame resistant (self-extinguishing)
  • Highly resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  • Made-to-measure and compatible with all equipment, makes and models.

“Now that we have had the Air Intake Screens fitted for a period of approximately six months, we have had time to review their effectiveness against debris. I am pleased to say that they are working very well and have enabled the service engineers and our own onsite maintenance to be able to clean off the chillers and air handling units quickly and easily. This has saved a considerable amount of work as filters and cooling batteries are no longer becoming clogged.

These have proved to be extremely effective and I would not hesitate to have these fitted to other equipment in the future.” – “Estates Manager”


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