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Air Intake Screen Installation BBC HQ

Air Intake Screen Installation: BBC HQ

The installation of ECEX Air Intake Screens to the main fresh air supply AHU intakes at the BBC Broadcasting House been extremely successful. The great improvement in filter and plant cleanliness has also given a noticeable boost to some areas of the building where air quality had previously been an issue.
– “Engineering Services Manager BBC”



 The BBC’s London HQ, Broadcasting House, has undergone major renovation and extension in recent years to refurbish the original 1932 art-deco building, combining most of the Corporation’s key operations within a huge new hi-tech wing, which is now home to the BBC television and radio news, the BBC World Service, and most of the BBC’s national radio stations.

The building is situated at the very heart of London’s West End, which means airborne contaminants such as pollen, leaves, construction dust, etc. pose significant problems to air handling plant. The two main fresh air plant rooms, spotless upon handover in 2011, receive air direct from atmosphere and were becoming badly contaminated with dirt and fine debris.

ECEX Air Intake Screens were installed to the 36 No. fresh air supply ducts to prevent airborne particulates entering the plant rooms and being drawn into critical air handling plant. Any build-up of debris can be simply removed using a soft brush or vacuum, representing not only a significant reduction in maintenance time, but maximized airflow efficiency through reduced clogging too.

Manufactured by the Air Solution Company in the USA, ECEX Air Intake Screens are constructed using a vinyl coating over a polyester fiber core. This not only makes the Air Intake Screen extremely durable, but extremely long lasting; perfect for external use through inclement weather.

For more information: www.airintakescreens.co.ukwww.airsolutioncompany.com

ECEX is the Exclusive UK Distributor Partner for Air Solution Company, West Chester, OH

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