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Cottonwood Air Intake Filter Screens

Reducing Maintenance Time, Effort and Energy Cost
Simply Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!

Also known as Air Intake or Air Inlet Screens / Filters, Helps Mechanical Equipment Run Clean & Efficient All Season Long. And if you are Working on LEED Certification, Cottonwood Filter Screens Can Help you Earn Cost Effective Credit Points So You Donít Go Broke Going Green!

Cottonwood Filter Screens are Compatible with All Equipment Makes & Models.

Condenser Coil Filters

Air Handling Unit Filters

Cooling Tower Filters

Louver Filters

All Cottonwood Filter Screens are Specifically Engineered For Use On Low to High Volume/High Velocity Mechanical Systems - With Extraordinary Low Impact on Airflow and Static Pressure.

Cooling Tower Case Study

A Global Commitment to Going Green

One of the world's largest Internet companies improves data center maintenance and energy efficiency using cooling tower air inlet filter screens.

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Across The Pond

Spotlight on Cooling System Maintenance

Process Chiller Efficiency And Operating Cost Are Only As Good As The Coils Are Clean!

Rising energy costs combined with the basic need to optimize cooling and operational efficiency are key forces driving the changes we see in todayís process chiller designs.

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