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Cottonwood Air Intake Filter Screens

Reducing Maintenance Time, Effort and Energy Cost
Simply Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This!

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Air Intake Screens For Every Application
Marley Cooling Tower and Trane Chiller stopping airborne debris with Cottonwood Filter Screens

Also known as Air Intake or Air Inlet Screens / Filters, Helps Mechanical Equipment Run Clean & Efficient All Season Long. And if you are Working on LEED Certification, Cottonwood Filter Screens Can Help you Earn Cost Effective Credit Points So You Don’t Go Broke Going Green!

Cottonwood Filter Screens are Compatible with All Equipment Makes & Models.

Condenser Coil Filters

Air Intake Screens Protecting Bard Wall Units Air Intake Screens - Protecting Rooftop Units - RTU Screens

Dry Cooler Filter Screens - keeps coils clean all season long

Chiller Filter Screens

Air Handling Unit Filters

Intake Filter stops airborne debris on outside of AHU's
Intake Filters on Air Handling Units
Intake Filter on economizer prevents increases pleated filter service life up to 60%
Intake Filter on Economizers
Pulley Mount Filter on Penthouse Louvers  increases service life of internal filters
Pulley Mount Filter on Penthouse Louvers
Intake Filters – Gas Fired Turbines

Cooling Tower Filters

Louver Filters

All Cottonwood Filter Screens are Specifically Engineered For Use On Low to High Volume/High Velocity Mechanical Systems – With Extraordinary Low Impact on Airflow and Static Pressure.